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CBS4 News interview of Michael “Moshe” Shein, Esq.

Welcome to The Law Offices of Michael “Moshe” Shein, LLC

Our firm was founded by Attorney Michael “Moshe” Shein, who began his career as a Florida Assistant State Attorney (a Prosecutor), where he initially gained his trial skills.   Attorney Shein has over twenty (20) years of legal experience in civil and criminal litigation and business negotiations, working alongside and against some of the nation’s greatest legal minds.

Attorney Shein was appointed to be a Special Master, by the former Chief Judge of Broward County, Florida for a unique circuit court assignment.  He is a member of the Federal Bar (Southern District) and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit and The Florida Supreme Court.  He is a member in good standing with The Florida Bar and a Registered Foreign Attorney with the Israel Bar.

Attorney Shein has volunteered as Guardian Ad Litem and was appointed to the Broward County Bar, Bench and Bar Committee.  He served as a Director for the Broward County Crime Commission and as a Vice President of Membership for the B’nai B’rith Justice Unit.  He is a Master Mason and a founding member of the Downtown Jewish Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Our firm takes pride in personally helping our clients to deal with stressful legal situations.  Our goal has always been to provide a highly-personalized legal experience in a timely and cost-effective matter.  We find that this approach allows our clients to focus on the many other important responsibilities that they have in life. Moreover, if we can’t help you, we can arrange for you to have a free consultation with an attorney with experience in your area of need.

If you or a loved one needs legal guidance, in any area of law, contact us for a free consultation.

WE've Got Your Back

Let’s face it, sometimes life can get complicated.  A phone call with an attorney at our firm doesn’t cost anything.  On the other hand, hastily taking legal action on your own behalf can be very expensive and risky.  Our Attorneys are trained in the law and know what needs to be done to make a record and to properly protect their clients.

When an unrepresented client files paperwork with the court, (before hiring an attorney) the lawyer may be faced with the challenge of correcting the client’s mistakes.  Attorneys generally have a network of contacts to call, to help them to make a case more successful, whether its doctors, expert witnesses or investigators.  This is important, as you may have only one chance to present your case.

Attorney’s can work harder for you because they are not personally involved in the case, whereas clients are likely to get heated when push comes to shove, and especially during negotiations and plea settlements.  Also, don’t be surprised if your adversary has an attorney, or is consulting with one on the side, even if they tell you otherwise.

Always remember: Litigation is War.