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CBS4 News Interview, 2010 – Regarding Recent changes in Florida law permitting jurors, in certain situations, to take notes and even ask questions to the Judge regarding unresolved issues. In this video Attorney Michael “Moshe” Shein and a colleague argue why they believe this law furthers the criminal justice system, or alternatively makes the system less fair.

Michael “Moshe” Shein has also been quoted in the following news articles:

Man Accused of Chain-Saw Threat Avoids Injunction, June 21, 2008 –  Attorney, Michael Shein, said his client was “an asset to the community.”  “My client is just a concerned member of the community who doesn’t want male prostitution and illicit crack usage to decay his community,” Shein said.  This case was also featured in Miami-Herald.

Lighting Refreshes the Hanukkah Spirit, December 18, 2002 – Local attorney Michael Shein agreed.  “It was excellent,” Shein said. “It’s a tremendous event because it allows members of the community to meet and honor the festival of light.”

Rabbi Kaplan at the Courthouse Chanukah Menorah Lighting Ceremony


Jordon, Johnson and the President?, January 15, 1999 – “Defense attorney Michael Shein, 28, keeps up with the case on both C-Span and Court TV.”

Playing Courthouse, November 15, 1998 – attorney Michael Shein judging Broward middle students involved in mock trials.