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All client names are being withheld to protect their privacy
  • (Co-Counsel Case) Broward Case – 08020367MM10A:  Client was originally charged with making a threat to blow up a bank. The State declining filing the matter as a felony and instead filed a misdemeanor.   On the day of trial, the State DISMISSED the matter.
  • Palm Beach County – Client, a Holistic Doctor, was not paid for work he performed at a Chiropractor’s Office. On trial date, Chiropractor agreed to pay client.
  • Broward Case – DVCE 08-2416 (59):  Five Convicted Felon/Crack-Addicts obtained a temporary restraining order in Broward County, alleging among other things, that Client chased them with a chainsaw, threatened to shoot them and placed wanted  posters  around the neighborhood offering rewards for their apprehension.   In fact, the Client is a member of a police sanctioned community crime watch, and was simply protecting his decaying community by “any legal means necessary.”  At the final hearing, the Judge DISMISSED the restraining orders, stating that there was not enough evidence to sustain permanent injunctions, and that any order directing otherwise would not be worth the paper it was written on.  Read articles in Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald.
  • (Co-Counsel Case) Broward Case 03-22212FMCE:  Armed Robbery – Motion to Modify Sentence Granted. Prison Sentence Reduced to Probationary Period. Broward Case  03-011805CF10D Defending Against a Permanent Restraining Order – DISMISSED After Trial.
  • Broward Case 03-011805CF10D:  Armed Robbery – Motion to Modify Sentence Granted – Prison Sentence REDUCED to Probationary Period and Probation was TERMINATED Early by Order of the Court.
  • (Co-Counsel Case) Broward Case – 08-008460MM10A:  Client was a passenger in his truck.   Policewoman allegedly observed smoke coming from an unknown portion of the vehicle.  Policewoman conducted a traffic stop and allegedly found a brass-knuckle with blades, a stun-gun  and other knives.   Client allegedly resisted arrest without violence and was subsequently knocked unconscious.   Speedy Trial Demanded.  MOTION TO SUPPRESS Evidence GRANTED as a Result of an the Illegal Police Stop.
  • Broward Case 06-000808MM10A: DUI REDUCED to Reckless Driving, No Driver’s License Suspension, No Conviction.
  • Broward Case – 05020873CF10A:  Client was charged with Making Bomb Threats.  On the eve of trial, the State agreed and DROPPED the charges, as the evidence proved that the victim had fabricated the allegations.
  • Broward Case – 04-022105MM10A: DUI NOT GUILTY. Trial by Jury.
  • Broward Case – 09000868CF10A:  Client was the driver in a car with other passengers. Client was arrested for possession of oxycodone.  State Attorney Case Filing filed a “NO-INFORMATION”/DISMISSED the charges.
  • Broward Case – 04018190CF10A:  Client charged with Armed Trafficking.  State Agreed to DROP Armed Portion and Mandatory 3-Year Prison Sentence.   State Also Agreed to an EARLY TERMINATION OF PROBATION, Judge granted same.
  • Broward Case – 08010820MM10A:  Client was charged with a DUI with property damage.  Through successful negotiations with State Attorney Case Filing, the matter was NOT FILED in criminal court.
  • Broward Case – 07012652CF10A:  Burglary with a Battery (A felony punishable by life imprisonment).  After successful negotiations with the State Attorney – REDUCED to a misdemeanor.
  • Broward Case – 07-2523DL:  Child Charged with Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon – The State agreed to keep the case in Juvenile Court rather than trying child as an adult.  At deposition, it was proved that the eyewitness testimony was flawed Case REDUCED to Disorderly Conduct.

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